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Advantages and disadvantages of Arjun’s bark

Arjuna is a medicinal tree that is easily found in India. It is also known by the names of Ghaval, Kakubha and Nadisarj etc. Let us know what are the medicinal properties of Arjun’s bark. Can there be any harm by drinking tea or decoction of Arjun’s bark. How the bark of Arjuna is used to sleep.

Properties of bark of Arjuna

Arjun’s bark is beneficial in heart disease, cholesterol, high blood pressure, excessive bleeding and other diseases, know how to use it.

In heart disease

Use of Arjuna in heart disease is a panacea, for this, grind 10-15 grams of fresh Arjun’s bark and cook it in 200 300 grams of water. When that one fourth is left, then filtering it or mixing it without filtering and consuming it in the morning and evening will remove your heart problem. And at the same time there will be benefits in heartbeat and angina pain.

If you do not get the fresh bark of Arjun, then make powder of the bark of happy Arjun. Then cook 5 grams of powder in a glass of water, when half the water is left, then adding milk to it and consuming it will increase the strength and efficiency of the heart.

In mouth disease

If you have pimples in your mouth, you are getting sore or there are problems in the gums, then after grinding the fresh bark of Arjun, make a decoction and rinse it, the infection will be cured along with the disease.

In ear diseases

If you have pain in your ear, then breaking the soft leaves of Arjun and extracting its juice and putting 4-4 drops in the ear is beneficial in ear pain. These are very beneficial in ear diseases.

In the face

Those who have wrinkles or stains on their face, rub the bark of Arjun like sandalwood and apply it on their face, this will cure the freckles.

Nervousness, restlessness and inability to sleep

Those who have frequent nervousness, restlessness, do not sleep at night and sleep breaks in between. Boil 5 grams powder of Arjun’s bark and drink it like tea every day, it will eliminate your nervousness and restlessness and heart, brain. And muscles will also get strength.

In high blood pressure, stress and headache

Arjuna’s bark is a divine medicine for those who have complaints of high blood pressure. They boil 5 grams of powder of Arjun’s bark in 200 grams of water, when it remains 50 grams, then filter it and drink it. This will help in high blood pressure and headaches caused by it, as well as reduce your stress level.

In case of leucorrhoea

Women who have leucorrhoea and men who are prone to heart disease, soak 2 teaspoons of Arjun powder in water at night and then drink that water in the morning. This will be beneficial in case of leucorrhoea and leucorrhoea. If you have more problems then make a decoction and drink it regularly.

In bone disease

Arjuna’s bark is very beneficial in bone diseases, those who have problems with bone, bones are broken, whose bones are worn and there is sound in the bones, make a decoction of Arjun’s bark and drink it regularly, this will add their bone quickly.

In bloodshot

Those who have complaints of bloodshed boil Arjun, Neem and Amla bark in water and wash the skin with boiled water. This will eliminate the complaints of bloodshed.

Fever, cold, cold, phlegm, and cough

Those who have chronic fever and fever is not getting out, they should make a decoction by boiling 1-2 bark of Arjuna’s bark and neem and 1-2 leaves of basil. In chronic fever, cold, cold, phlegm, cough and fever. Will benefit

In stomach diseases

Those who have stomach troubles, complaining of intestines are amoebosis, they should make a decoction of Arjun’s bark and drink it. This will remove other diseases related to the intestine as well as stomach.

In white

Arjuna’s bark is very beneficial in whitening. Those who have skin problems, who are whitened, make a paste by grinding the bark of Punarva, Barki and Arjun’s bark and apply that paste in the place of whitening, it will cure white skin in a few days.


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