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    Why Nepal is called Nepal (a country made up of tantra lore: Nepal)

    There is an interesting story of why Nepal is called Nepal. According to mythology there was a Hindu sage named Neh who lived in the Kathmandu Valley thousands of years ago in the pre-historic era. Pal means protection. This place was under the protection of Rishi Neh and people started to know it as Nepal. After that the kings of different dynasty ruled here. Before 2008, Nepal was the only constitutionally declared Hindu nation on earth. In 2008, it was declared a United Democratic Republic and a secular nation. The land of this country is full of high mountains and valleys, Nepal has the world’s 10 highest peaks. Including Mount…

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    India becoming the future superpower

    India becoming the future superpower In the year of 1947, the British decided to leave India but just before they packed their bags, they had made India bleed even more by pushing it into a deadly civil war. Who would have thought at that time that just in a few decades Indian companies would be buying and taking over the top British brands like Jaguar, Range Rover or the famous tea brand that we know as Tetley. Who would have imagined that an Indian brand Tata would buy a steel company Corus and provide jobs to the British in their own land but without making it a colony. Actually, I will…