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Some injections are applied on the arm, so what is the reason for some going to the waist?

It is often seen that sometimes doctors give injections in the hand, sometimes they talk about applying on the waist, there are many reasons.

The injection which contains a lot of thick medicine is often applied on the waist because due to the thick medicine, its flow in the veins is very slow, due to which there is a lot of pain and swelling.

If such an injection will be applied in the hands, it will be difficult to work with the hands, even it will be difficult to raise the hands, while there is excessive fat on the waist due to which the swelling is not quite understood and the pain does not feel as much.

An injection that contains a thin drug, ie, a dilute solution, is usually applied to the hand because its flow is strong in the veins, the chances of swelling and pain are very less.

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