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Why Nepal is called Nepal (a country made up of tantra lore: Nepal)

There is an interesting story of why Nepal is called Nepal. According to mythology there was a Hindu sage named Neh who lived in the Kathmandu Valley thousands of years ago in the pre-historic era. Pal means protection. This place was under the protection of Rishi Neh and people started to know it as Nepal.

After that the kings of different dynasty ruled here. Before 2008, Nepal was the only constitutionally declared Hindu nation on earth. In 2008, it was declared a United Democratic Republic and a secular nation.

nepal, nepal ke bare me, tantra vidya, tantra rastra

The land of this country is full of high mountains and valleys, Nepal has the world’s 10 highest peaks. Including Mount Everest, the highest peak of the earth. More than 240 peaks are at an altitude of more than 20000 feet above sea level and the soil here is fertile and full of moisture and hence suitable for farming.

Prevention was the first place that spoke the unique Nepali language. He developed a sophisticated urban civilization that was completely different from other civilizations in the Himalayan foothills. His contribution to art, architecture, literature, music, farming and food can be clearly seen even today.

nepal, nepal ke bare me, tantra vidya, tantra rastra

However, due to the large number of people from outside, inhabitation is only 5% of the population of Nepal and their rich language and culture is fast disappearing. Today 81% of the population in Nepal is Hindu. But Vajrayana follows a confluence of Buddhist and Tantric Hinduism. Also called Buddhist route and Shiva road.

Over time, elements of both these religions were merged into ancient Buddhism. This created a third unique confluence called Tibetan Buddhism.

A large part of India was once such that the entire land was made like a living body, just as the human body is the center of energy, in the same way, they established energy centers in every body. Many kings established their entire states as a spiritual body. Sponsored this great and amazing work of transforming into

Nepal is a place where this thing is more lively than any part of India.

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