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Jamun Seeds Advantage

Jamun is native to India, Bangladesh, and Indonesia

Jamun seeds are known to be great healing medication for diabetics

Jamun seeds help to regulate insulin level in our body


While Jamun has always been on the top in fighting diabetes, its seeds are believed to be no less. Jamun is an evergreen tropical tree, that is native to India, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. Jamun seeds are known to be used in various alternative healing systems like Ayurveda, Unani medicine, especially for digestive ailments. Moreover, they are known to combat diabetes and health experts suggest consuming them as a part of managing the condition. So, what makes Jamun seeds so special for diabetics? How to use Jamun seeds for managing diabetes? We have all the answers! According to Macrobiotic Nutritionist and Health Practitioner, Shilpa Arora, “Jamun seeds are known to be great healing medication for diabetics. Both seeds and the fruit have substances called jambolana and jambosine that slow down the release of sugar into the blood. Jamun seeds also increase the availability of insulin. It is best to snack on Jamun for effective results. You can let the seeds dry and make a powder that can be consumed regularly before meals to fight diabetes very effectively.”
According to a study published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine, Jamun seeds reduce the blood glucose level significantly and also regulate the insulin levels in hyperglycaemic rats. The conclusion said that Jamun seeds have a potent prophylactic role against hyperglycemia. In this respect, a diet-based regimen may be tailored using Jamun seeds.

Jamun seeds are known to be great healing medication for diabetics


Jamun Seeds For Diabetics: What Does Ayurveda Suggest?

According to Ayurveda Expert at Village Salwan, Ramesh Jangra, “Jamun seeds make up a major of Ayurvedic diabetes medicines. Jambu is Sanskrit’s name of Jamun and it has a special mention in various classical texts of Ayurveda. India’s other name is Jambudweep or nation with so many trees of Jambu (Jamun) or Indian Blackberry. As per Ayurveda Jamun is astringent, anti-diuretic, which helps reduce frequent urination, has hypoglycaemic properties, which is the ability to reduce sugar in the blood and has antioxidants that make them amazing for diabetics”

Here’s How You Can Use Jamun Seeds For Managing Diabetes:


Wash Jamun Seeds and keep them in a container.

Squeeze out the seeds from them and store them in another container.

Wash the seeds thoroughly so that none of the Dust is left on them.

Now, spread the seeds on a clean cloth and keep it under the sun for drying. Please note that it takes about three to four days for them to dry out.

Once they are dried, peel off the outer shell and collect the green inner core of the seeds

The green inner core of the seeds can be broken into half easily just by pressing your Hand. Once you break them down, keep them in the sun for a few more days till they are dried.

Now, powder the dried seeds in a grinder. You will notice coarse powder.

Sieve the crushed seeds and re-crush the remaining seeds

Store the Jamun seed powder in an air-tight container and use it as and when you’d want to.

Take one teaspoon of powdered water on an empty stomach every morning

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